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What is Coaching?

Well hello there! Let’s get right to the heart of it: What’s this coaching thing all about?

Being human is an exquisite adventure. It’s also messy and confusing.

Humans are hardwired for interdependence.

The minute you stop growinglearningchanging is the minute you start to die.

A life well-lived requires courage, integrity, and compassion, yet these important skills are not taught in schools. Yes, they’re skills that can be learned and practiced.

Outside perspective, delivered thoughtfully and kindly, is precious. It has the power to change your life for the better.

Coaching is one way of committing to yourself and your personal growth.

Coaching means inviting someone into your life who:

  • Has your back and believes in you
  • Accepts you as you are and acknowledges mistakes and setbacks with compassion
  • Challenges you to stretch and grow in the directions you want to go in
  • Knows how to ask the questions you wouldn’t think to ask yourself and helps you find the answers within yourself
  • Can teach you skills to create a vibrant, healthy life, such as boundaries, navigating change without freaking out, handling painful thoughts & feelings, and more

Coaching means you don’t have to do this alone.

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