Adrienne Masler


Well hello there! Let’s get right to the heart of it: What’s this coaching thing all about?

Coaching is about you and your life. Ever felt like you were missing something? Or like there’s something you’re here to do – but you have no idea what it is? Coaching moves you from uncertainty and self-sabotage to “Life is AWESOME!” It’s about your mind, heart, soul, and how you choose to live. It’s a challenge: Will you embrace life and own your power to create amazing experiences for yourself?

Why work with me? Because I’ve been in the trenches my whole life too. I’ve been fired, worked in jobs that made me miserable, spent years trying to find myself, survived an unplanned pregnancy (and have an adorable child). I know what it’s like to believe in your gut that the thing you “have to do” is going to wreck you, to feel trapped, and to find an improbably delicious way out. And I know what it’s like to finally work up the courage to turn my life around. I know that life can be – should be – joyful and beautiful, and I am coaching because I want your life to be amazing.

Ready to learn more? You’re invited to join me for a “claim your calling” chat. It’s a (free!) hour on the phone with me in which you’ll get crystal clear on

  • why your life doesn’t feel like it’s working for you
  • what you’re struggling with
  • why your dreams feel far away and crazy
  • what’s coming between you and the life of your dreams
  • what you can do right now to get unstuck and move forward… even if you don’t know what your dreams are yet.

If it’s a fit, I’ll tell you how you can work with me! But even if you decide not to work with me, this call will leave you with an action plan for moving forward and the motivation to dive into your next steps. Are you ready to dive in? Fill out a brief application to claim your free session! (Why? So we can supercharge our time together! This helps me help you to the max.)

Insatiable curiosity about how I wound up here? There’s an About page for that!