Adrienne Masler


If you knew me as a kid, you probably called me “weird” more than once. Yep, I was that girl: Nose always in a book, didn’t give a flip what I looked like, preferred the company of my goats to my peers. I usually understood others’ motivations and emotions, but the rules of social interaction bored and confused me, and people just didn’t get me. If you knew me better, though, you’d know something else weird about me: I’d lie awake obsessing about gender politics and cry myself to sleep over world hunger and environmental destruction. Even weirder: I’m completely convinced that I was born for a reason, if only I could figure out what that reason is.

I spent a lot of time wondering, worrying, and crying over why I felt so different and why I couldn’t just follow the success script that seemed to be working for everyone else. And I spent a lot of time examining my life on a perpetual quest to learn and grow, hoping I’d have the chance to put it to good use by helping others someday.

In the meantime, I failed a lot. I was fired from multiple jobs, moved back in with my parents for a while, squeaked by on less than $10k a year while lifeguarding and waiting tables after graduating from college in the middle of the recession, never did get a full-time job using my Ivy League degree and field of study, and oh yeah, had a child long before I was ready to despite active and well-executed plans to the contrary. You guessed it: life sucked. (Except my son; he’s awesome! Unplanned pregnancy, not so much.)

Adrienne with her son.

Yes, sticks are awesome.

My son saved me. I was becoming more miserable by the day in my paycheck job and I knew that he deserved better than an overworked, cranky mom. At my desk one day, I finally said, “enough is enough.” My son deserves a happy mother who can show him how to live a fulfilling life and make a difference in the world. I will not sell my soul for financial stability and some twisted ideal of parental sacrifice any longer!

Not long after that, I discovered what “life coaching” meant. “You mean to say,” said I, “that I can show others how to stop being miserable, do this personal growth thing I’m so crazy about, find their passion/mission, be successful on their own terms… and actually get paid for it?!” The heavens smiled on me in that moment. It was love at first sight. Now I had both things that I needed: I was no longer willing to be miserable and I had a next step for my journey.

If you feel like you’re reading a version of your own story, welcome to the club. We’re Wayfinders: people for whom meaningful work and making the world a better place are vital needs, not just perks. I’m here on this earth to help other Wayfinders step into their power and connect with each other so we can truly become a Team and heal the world together.

If you’re sick of being miserable and not knowing what your personal mission is, let’s talk! I believe that every single person is born into this world with something to learn and something to share, but Wayfinders have an electrifying sense of personal mission and the indomitable spirit needed to bring their gifts to the world. I believe in your calling and your unique ability to carry it out. You deserve to be happy, and you definitely do not have to rely on an outdated success script anymore. Click here to apply for your complimentary Soul-Satisfying Work Breakthrough Session.