Adrienne Masler Life Coaching


I’m a farmer, and that’s why I coach.

I have been connected with agriculture my whole life and currently milk cows regularly, but when I say, “I’m a farmer”, I mean something more. At the deepest level of my being, I am someone who is not afraid to get dirty. I know that human life cycles through seasons just as Earth does. Hard work is something to embrace. Birth and death are daily events, but no less profound for their frequency. A job well-done is often its own reward.  Connection with nature is (re)vitalizing and inspiring. Unpredictability comes standard. Difficult choices must be made frequently. Teamwork—with other humans as well as animals, plants, land, equipment, and weather—is vital.

As a coach, I help people cultivate their self-knowledge, life skills, and dreams. I bring all the grit, determination, ingenuity, and empathy of a born farmer to the table. I have an ironclad faith in the human ability to learn and grow. I can take difficult seasons in stride and help you do the same. I don’t shy away from literal or figurative shit (did you know cows poop around 15 times per day?) because I know it makes great fertilizer.

I am a realistic optimist or an optimistic realist, depending on the day. My superpowers are empathizing with folks in distress, seeing the best in people, and rising to the challenge. We have all the time in the world for big feelings and big dreams and no time at all for excuses.

I believe in you and I’m on your team.

Adrienne with her son.

Yes, sticks are awesome.


I was born to a dairy-farming family and raised goats as a 4-H project in my youth. I earned my Associate of Arts from Simon’s Rock College at 18 and my Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Sciences from Cornell University. Unplanned pregnancy and postpartum depression eventually led me to Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Coach Training in 2014. I currently live and work on a farm near Ithaca, NY, with my son.


I am available via email and Facebook.