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Tell: Transformational True StoriesWe all have at least one life-changing story. The time you left home and learned to support yourself. The stray animal who stole your heart. The small shift in perspective that changed everything in a time of illness, struggle, or conflict. The time life threw a curveball at you and you surprised even yourself. These are the stories we tell with pride, gratitude, and tears.

Our stories have the power to transform the lives of others, too. The stories of others show us that we’re not alone with our darkest moments and deepest insecurities, and they give us hope that we, too, can make it through. They illustrate the power of love and remind us that good people and acts of kindness abound. Stories like this can inspire us to choose a new path or revisit something we’d given up on.

Whether we’ve done it before or not, we all have an impulse to share our stories. Telling stories validates our experience, brings us closer to others, and is an opportunity to help or inspire others. Tell: Transformational True Stories is an online magazine dedicated to sharing stories of transformation, healing, and love. Submissions for the November inaugural issue are open and will be accepted until October 20, 2015.

Submission Guidelines

Tell publishes stories that are true and personal, with a specific transformation, healing, or change for the better.

Content: No story is too big or small, but stories should be specific. Focus on one event or relationship; don’t tell your life story. Delve into the heart of the challenge or conflict, then conclude on a high note. To be most inspirational, your story should clearly illustrate your transformation or healing, with any lesson learned written in personal terms (don’t proselytize or moralize), or let your story speak for you.

Style: Write your story vividly! Readers should be able to put themselves in your shoes. Keep the focus on the event you’re writing about and choose your details thoughtfully.

Length and format: Aim to write about 800 to 1,500 words. You may use Google Docs, MS Word, plain text, or paste your story into the body of your email. Please, no formatting. Send submissions to the Editor with the subject “Tell Submission”.

Bio: You may include a 100-word bio with picture (optional) and links (optional).

Editing: Submissions may be edited for clarity and grammar. If more substantial edits are called for, I’ll work with you to make sure that your story is written clearly and compellingly.

Publishing: Accepted submissions for the November 2015 issue will be published on the blog at As Tell evolves, so will the format.

About Tell

Tell was born out of love: Love of stories that inspire, encourage, spread hope, and touch hearts. The stories published in Tell offer connection, acceptance, and compassion to writers and readers alike. In a world of curated social media feeds and FOMO (fear of missing out), Tell invites us to take off our masks, be authentic, and celebrate each and every journey.

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