Adrienne Masler Life Coaching

Work With Me

I work with individuals, offer workshops publicly and through organizations, and provide personalized accountability and support for farmers. Please contact me to schedule a session or workshop, or for more information.

Individual Sessions

We meet privately in person or via phone/internet every week or two. Together we’ll identify the “area of least satisfaction” in your life and find ways to make it better. A minimum of 6 sessions are required to establish trust and a working relationship and to start seeing progress. Summer 2019: $60/session.


The “Getting to Know You” workshops teach some foundational skills for living a joyful life. We cover the change cycle and how to plan and take care of yourself in each stage, thought work for releasing beliefs that keep you stuck, turning to your body and emotions for essential guidance, and bust the myths and lies about personal growth. The 4 workshops can be taken as a series or individually. Offered once or twice a year to the public. I am also available to offer these workshops to your organization. 2019 public workshops: $30/workshop.

The “Cultivating Resilience” workshops teach foundational information and skills for farmers, farm workers, and others working in agriculture. We cover the change cycle, thought work, neurobiology that impacts fear, relationships, courage, & resilience, and root cause analysis. The information and hands-on tools will help farmers maintain perspective and strategic thinking in a rapidly changing industry. I am available to schedule workshops in the winter months around NYS for organizations and groups of farmers. Please contact me for more information and pricing.

Accountability & Support for Farmers and Farm Workers

You have a plan. How will you implement it? How will you stay on track when you get busy? How will you recover or change course when the unexpected happens? How will you keep your spirits up when challenges arise? Routine check-ins with a coach help you stay on track to meet your own goals, change course when necessary, and zap the thought patterns that trip you up. When you have multiple people from your farm checking in, it also eliminates the need for family members and colleagues to police each other’s progress, reducing conflict and creating a more positive work environment. We’ll tailor a package specific to your plan, needs, and resources. Our work together can happen in person, by phone, by email, or any combination that works for you.